How to Cite a Podcast (footnote Chicago Style)

How do you cite a podcast either in an academic paper or in a blog? I know this is a burning question. Using Chicago (historian) Style, your in text citation will be a footnote. It will look like this:

First and Last Name of Host, host, “Title of specific podcast,” Show Name (MP3 podcast), Sponsoring organization or website, post date, access date, URL.

For example, one of the podcasts on Course Connect would look like this:
Melvyn Bragg, host, “The Domesday Book,” In Our Time (MP3 podcast), BBC, April 17, 2014, accessed May 30, 2014,

For MLA style parenthetical citations, like you could use in a blog, do this:
(Last Name of Host, “Title of specific podcast”).
Then in the bibliography you would include a full citation:
Last Name of Host, First Name of the Host, host. “Title of specific podcast.” Show Name (MP3 podcast). Sponsoring organization or website. post date. access date. URL.

Have fun.


About Bethany Kilcrease

Associate Professor of History at Aquinas College
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