Have Extra Money? Major Roman Archaeological For Sale in Nothern England

It looks like the Church of England is selling some land in northern England. But that’s not interesting in and of itself. What is interesting is that included in one of the parcels is a major archaeological site from Roman times. The site is apparently known as the “Pompeii of the North.” Is it OK for the Church of England or any other organization to put a site of such national historical value up to sale to private buyers? Theoretically, someone could build a parking lot on the sit. Should we just let the market take over in cases like this? What do you think?

See Peter Konieczny, “Pompeii of the North’ threatened by land sale,” History of the Ancient World, accessed September 9, 2014, http://historyoftheancientworld.com/2014/09/pompeii-of-the-north-threatened-by-land-sale/.


About Bethany Kilcrease

Associate Professor of History at Aquinas College
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