I found this podcast very interesting. Agincourt was a decisive victory for England over the French.  One of the aspects of the battle i found most interesting is how Henry V was able to defeat the French. His army was composed of nearly 75 percent archers, these archers would have had long bows. The long bow was a weapon that allowed the English to be very successful in the beginning of the Hundred Years War. I once read a book called “Agincourt”, by Bernard Cornwell. In the book he stated that English archers were given bows at a young age, so that they could become strong enough to continuously draw back the long bow. The long bow was incredibly important at the battle because they allowed the English to shoot at the French as they approached the English men at arms. The English archers were incredibly significant, because they were able to fire rapidly, and throw a hail of arrows towards the French as they advanced. The French could not do much to stop them because they were using cross bows, which took a long time to load and did not have the same range as a longbow. This allowed the English to slay thousands of French at the battle, while only losing a few hundred men.

A second key factor to the English victory was the location of the battle. The French were able to cut of the English army, and choose the location of the battle. The French originally wanted to attack the English archers in an open field then turn on the men at arms. Instead the French decided to just block the English advance by blocking a path, with woods on each side. Unfortunately for the French, the English were able to obtain the French battle plans. This event allowed Henry to react to the French before the they attacked. Henry had his archers put stakes in the ground around them. By doing this the French cavalry could not get in their ranks.

Another interesting thing I learned during the podcast was how Henry was able to lead his army. Henry was able to keep his army’s moral up through a long siege, a break out of dysentery, and being greatly outnumbered on the battlefield, at Agincourt. Overcoming all of these obstacles suggests that Henry V was a capable leader.

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