Imperial Declaration and Ridiculous Babble from a French Poodle

Hello friends.  I am posting to remind everyone of my previous imperial declaration and also the impertinent reply of the pretender de Wooftington.

My Declaration: Lord Meowerd Whiskerton III: Titled Emperor Of Aquinas, Lord of Academic Building, Wege, and protector of Holmdeme,

Hereby Declares:

The Alleged Archduke Barktholomeu Woofington IV is a pretender and traitor to the realm. I urge all my loyal subjects to shun this canine usurper and swear fealty to your true liege. The traitor Barktholmeu shall lay down his claim or else face Aquinas justice! In exchange for his oath of loyalty and renunciation of all claims Barktholmeu will be granted a full pardon. Long Live Lord Meoward!

Below find the silly counter-declaration of a sad French poodle.  This offense must not go unanswered!

“Archduke Barktholomeu IV de Woofington: Lord protector of the county of Academic Building’s first floor, southern wing; Art and Music Center; and the Cook Carriage House;
Hereby declares:

Lord Meowerd Whiskerton III, the self proclaimed “Emperor of Aquinas” has overstepped his bounds. This use of a clearly fabricated claim to the Realm of Aquinas shows that Meowerd is nothing but a deceitful opportunist who is worthy of denouncing. I hereby advise for all of my vassals and subjects to prepare for any act of aggression from this ambitious pretender. As we stand united, we show that no act of aggression will be tolerated! Liberty and Honor! Steel yourselves and stand your ground!”

Socrates Dog Crossed Out.fwLord Meowerd Whiskerton III cropped.fw


About Bethany Kilcrease

Associate Professor of History at Aquinas College
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