Richard III’s body found leads to new forensic understanding

The discovery of Richard III burial under the Church of the Grey Friars in Leicester allowed modern techniques to be used to examine what was left behind. The bones showed a severe case of scoliosis and several battle wounds hinting towards the identity. Analysis of his bones concluded that it was a 99.99% chance of them belonging to Richard. Furthermore, we can now conclude due to DNA evidence that Richard had blonde hair and blue eyes, at least in his childhood. It is clear that Richard ate like royalty including eating heron, swan, and fish and drank copious amounts of alcohol (Greenspan).

Further investigation into the match of Richard’s DNA compared to living maternal relatives has concluded that it is possible that Richard III and Henry Tudor could possibly have no rightful claim to the throne.  Here’s how: “if John of Gaunt, a son of Edward III, was illegitimate, then his son Henry IV would have no right to the throne, nor would his direct descendants Henry V and Henry VI. The Tudors would also be affected, since their claim to power relied partly on their descent from John of Gaunt. Meanwhile, if Edmund of Langley, another of Edward III’s sons, was illegitimate, then Richard III would have no right to the throne” (Greenspan). Richard III claimed his nephews were illegitimate and now comes to light that it is possible he was even so.

Greenspan, Jesse. “New Richard III Mystery Comes to Light.” A&E Television Networks, 03 Dec. 2014. Web. 04 Dec. 2014.

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3 Responses to Richard III’s body found leads to new forensic understanding

  1. Oh noes! What does this mean for our current Sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?!

  2. Bag002 says:

    It could mean nothing or it could mean that she has no rightful claim to the throne. If it is found out that she and her family have no lineage to claim the throne, most certain will Parliament be to reinstate her as the rightful claimant by her own lineage. Hopefully.

  3. bmj004 says:

    I think that even if they, whomever is doing this research on Richard III, were to find out that Queen Elizabeth were not the rightful heir to the throne, it would not make a difference. She has been a good queen, hasn’t caused anything to bad to happen, and her hats! Where would we be without her great fashion sense. I agree with Bag002, I think it is almost certain that Parliament would use their power to say that she was. I don’t know how the “rightful” heir would feel about that, but I would be interested in being a fly on the wall when they found out they were royal. It will be interesting to find out and I hope that they continue the research with Richard because I would like to know what happened and where that break occurred, just as an interesting party fact.

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