Who is the Current Monarch of the United Kingdom?

Who is the current Monarch of the United Kingdom?  I mean, besides myself, obviously.  If you (like 99.9% of the population) accept the legitimacy of the Glorious Revolution and the current Hanoverian/Windsor Dynasty, then the answer is Queen Elizabeth II.  But if you think the Glorious Revolution was illegitimate and James II remained the true king after William III usurped the throne, then the answer is this guy:

This is King Francis II of the United Kingdom.  See http://www.jacobite.ca/kings/francis2.htm

Also check out the website of the Royal Stuart Society (at http://www.royalstuartsociety.com) and the website of the Jacobite Studies Trust (at http://www.jacobitestudiestrust.org/index.html)



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Associate Professor of History at Aquinas College
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2 Responses to Who is the Current Monarch of the United Kingdom?

  1. er95 says:

    I think we should do exactly what they did, and have their children marry each other so the legitimacy is coming from one of them either way. Then they all win! Yay!

  2. bmj004 says:

    I don’t think that it will matter too much if it comes out that the Queen is not the legitimate heir to the throne, because she has been the Queen for so long, and it is not if she has done a horrible job being the Queen. I think it is interesting to know the other possibilities of who else could be the Monarch of the United Kingdom. I do like the fact that his name to everyone is just Francis II because his whole name is a mouth full. I do find it interesting though that after the death of his father in 1996, the Jacobites recognize him as King Francis II. I never really thought that there was another possibility of someone else being the King/Queen. It did say that he is known by the title of Duke of Bavaria. Amazing how one event in history can change the outcome for everyone in the future. Even though he is not known as the King to everyone in the United Kingdom, he is a very accomplished man, who has done a lot of work in his many years.

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