Shakespeare and Doctor Who

In the BBC series Doctor Who’s season 3 episode 3 the Doctor and his then companion Martha travel to the year 1599. In this episode the pair had to save William Shakespeare. The Doctor and Martha experience the lifestyle of that time as well. The show depicts life without a proper sewage system with people tossing their bodily functions out of windows and the people on the streets dodging out of the way as it came falling. The producers of the show also try to recreate the famous Globe as it would have looked like in its prime. It had a large floor level for the poorer people of the audience to stay and watch. There was seating area in the Globe had two higher levels for people of higher economic standing to sit and enjoy performances. The stage of The Globe was large as well. As the show progressed the Doctor and Martha run into some religious tensions between the people of that time. There was a Puritan man trying to conform some Catholics. The producers, however, portrayed the Puritan man as a modern day soapbox man preaching to conform or burn in hell. This was not the method of how Puritan preached what they believed. It is most likely that they portrayed him that way was so viewers would be able to relate to the culture at that time. Shakespeare’s personality was also very biased. They portrayed him as self-centered and focused on sex. Throughout the show he proceeds to try and seduce Martha into bed with him. Seeing how this is a show that wants high ratings it’s not focused on its historical accuracy of the lifestyle of that time. For me, however, it did spark my interest in Shakespeare and his writings. I have found that I really enjoy his plays. My favorite would be a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is referenced several times throughout the show.

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